If you do NOT want to 'Password protect profiles on the iPad, follow these steps. 

If you do want to to 'Password protect profiles on the iPad', see the section below.


1. Download 'SchoolWide by Easyblog' and enter your schools' prefix.

The part before .easyblog.org
2. The teacher taps their class icon.
3. The teacher taps their picture/name.
4. The teacher enters their Easyblog username and password.

These were emailed to the teachers on account creation.
5. The app now returns to the class homepage, and the students just need to tap their picture to start blogging. 

If you DO want to "Password protect student profiles on the iPad" follow steps 1 and 2 above, then:


1. The student taps their picture or name. 
3. The students enter their passcode

Student passwords can be found and edited in teacher settings. A class list is sent to the teacher when students are added to their class. After this initial setup, student passcodes cannot be sent again and must be changed in teacher settings if a student forgets theirs. This is for security reasons.