WARNING: Following these steps will overwrite all user information in your school's database.


1. Log in to your school's Easyblog using your Schooladmin username and password, 

2. From the left hand menu, choose Users > Bulk manage.

3. Download the sample CSV template.

4. Click “Create a school”.

5. Follow the instructions about how to complete your CSV with all teachers, classes and students.  Please make sure to follow the template exactly. 

  • Students do NOT have email addresses.
  • Teachers MUST have an email address
  • Usernames must be unique
  • Usernames are how we track users - please make sure to use an easy to remember format, such as graduating year, first name and initial. EG. 28paulab
  • Teachers that are not assigned to a homeroom should be recorded as 'staff'. (learn more)
  • Staff should also have an email address

6. Click “Browse”, choose your saved CSV, then click “Open” (may slightly vary on different browsers).

7. Any errors that are spotted in the CSV will be reported to you. In these cases, correct the errors, re-save and upload again.

8. Once the CSV is accepted, the blogs will begin to be created. This can take some time and you can monitor progress by refreshing the “users” page.

Then what? 

Once the blogs have been created, your teachers will be emailed both their own passwords, and their students’ picture passcodes. Once your teachers have these, they can log in and begin using Easyblog SchoolWide. Their students will appear automatically once the teacher has logged in if they are using an iPad. Class settings are managed by the classroom teachers through their teacher settings pages.  

 You will also receive a master copy of all student passwords as ‘Schooladmin’. For security reasons these lists can only be generated once. Teachers can reset student passcodes inside their class setttings.