• In this scenario, you have a CSV containing only the user information for a number of leaving students.
  • This is useful for the end of the year when you know which students will be leaving, but don't have the information yet available for new students.
  • Any student that is removed by mistake can be added manually to a class through the user menu in the dashboard. 
  • The content of blogs on removed students that have been inactive for a period of time will be deleted as per our privacy policy. 
  • This process can also be done manually by the school admin (click here)

1. From the left hand menu, choose Users > Bulk manage.

2. Download the sample CSV template to refer to. 

3. Click 'Remove students in bulk'

4. Complete your CSV with ONLY students that are leaving.  Please make sure to follow the template exactly and use the correct usernames. 

5. Click “Browse”, choose your saved CSV, then click “Open” (may slightly vary on different browsers).

6. Once the CSV is accepted, the blogs will begin to be zipped for download. 

7. Once zipped, parent subscribers will be notified via email with a link to download their child's blog. 

8. All download links can also be found in your School Admin dashboard>Users>Blog Download (see below)