1. Go to Easyblog.org/signup

2. Enter your email

3. Choose a password
and enter it twice

Passwords must have 8 characters including: 1 number, 1 upper and 1 lowercase.

4. Click Next

5. Type the name your students call you in the top box. 

This is the author name that will be used whenever you make a post to the teacher's blog. You can change it later in settings but it should literally be whatever it is your student's call you.

6. In the next box choose a name for your class blog.  

It must be unique to Easyblog. Feel free to name it something fun and descriptive like "Ms. DeGroots Cool Kids Blog" This name will be used to create your first blog URL or address and will also be displayed on your class blog home page. You can change the name of the class blog later, however, the URL cannot be changed.

7. Select the date and month for the end of your school year.

8. Click "Next"

9. Enter the FIRST name of each of your students. 

If you have 2 students by the same name, use an initial to differentiate them. David S, David P

10. Click 'Next

11. Choose a background for your blog

You can use one of our sample ones, upload your own, or use just a plain background color. 
If you select a dark background, you might need to change the color of your title. Do this in the 'Choose blog title color' section. Click on the color you want first, then click 'Select'

12. Click Done

13. You will now receive an email with a verification link.

Click it to activate your account.

14. You will receive a welcome email 

There is lots of important information on it, including a list of passwords and your blog's address.

15. You can now log onto your class blog 

You can use either the app, or a browser.