Let’s say you’ve got four or five iPads in your class. You can set up the ClassPack by Easyblog app a few different ways.

If you’d like to watch our tutorial on setting up for shared iPads, click here.

The initial setup procedure is the same:

  1. On one iPad, log into the Easyblog App and add all your students complete with photos/avatars.
  2. Log into the other iPads in your class. All your students will sync automatically.

Once you’ve got your class setup, there’s basically two paths you can choose to follow.

Option 1: Keep all the students profiles on all the iPads

  • Pros – Flexibility: Any student can select any iPad to blog with.
  • Cons – Unpredictability: Student work in progress may be across 2 or more iPads.


Option 2: Allocate an iPad to a group of students and only display those profiles on the ClassPack by Easyblog app.

  • Pros: Predictability – Students know that their work is always on that iPad and can work on it at any time.
  • Cons: Flexibility – Students may have to wait for another to finish before they can use it.