• If this is set to “on” posts will be saved to a pending list until you publish them. 
  • You will be sent an email notification when a post has been made for checking (unless you have turned this off in settings).
  • This setting is unique to each blog, including your own. 
  • It can be set “on” for some students, and “off” for others. 
  • You can change all your students using the "select all" function in student settings
  • The teacher's blog also has a "Check my posts before publishing" setting, found in teacher settings.
  • You can change this setting from either the browser or app. 
  • You can view and publish posts from within the app or the browser.

How do check and approve posts? Click here

Changing the check posts setting for a student on the app Changing the check posts setting for your blog on the app