When the year is over, the parents in your class can download their child’s blog to keep in a nice easy-to-view format. To activate this process, which will also clear your blog out in preparation for the new school year, follow these steps.

Please Note: If students parents are NOT subscribed to their child’s blog, they will NOT be able to download it. 

1. Log in to teacher settings on the app, and tap “Start a new class”

2. You will receive 2 pop-up warnings about proceeding. Accept both.

3. Next you will see a message that your blog has been closed. This is to allow our server time to prepare the student blogs for downloading.

4. When the blogs are ready, the parent subscribers will be notified via email.

5. You will also receive an email from us with a link that allows you to download your teacher blog.

6. Your blog is now open for business again, and you can begin adding new students for the new school year. (you may need to log out and in again)

7. The “Parent Subscriber Link” remains the same, and once you have added your new students, simply send it to your new parents!

Tell me more, tell me more…

  • What happens if I don't click 'Start a new class'?
    The process will begin automatically based on what you chose for year end at signup. 
  • Can I keep my blogs for more than a year?
    No, class blogs are reset each year. If you would like to roll blogs over, you need to purchase our school solution.
  • Can I keep my teacher posts?
    You can download your teacher posts free of charge. These make for a great professional portfolio. If you want to re-use posts, you need to re-upload them again. 
  • I/my school wants to pay for my parents downloads – is that possible?
    Please contact us at support@easyblog.org
  • What happens to blogs that are not downloaded?
    They are deleted from our servers after the final warning has expired. 
  • What happens if I delete a single student?
    The parents (if subscribed) will be notified and can download their blog as above.