Comments are approved by students through the “View and Comment” pages on either the app, or on a computer. 

When a comment is awaiting approval, a red circle appears with a number inside indicating the number of comments awaiting action. 

Tapping the circle this will take the student to the comment. 

*The image is from the app - from the browser the process is very similar.

Students have the choice of deleting or approving a comment.

Once a comment is approved, it can still be deleted by either the teacher or student when viewing the post while logged in.

For emerging readers, it is best to use the iPad app so Siri can read the comment to them.

If 'Auto-approve comments from parents and classmates' is set to 'On' in Settings, comments from subscribed parents and classmates that are logged in on either the browser or app will be automatically approved and display. You will still receive an email notification.

If you don't want to receive email notifications about comments, turn off "Email me about comments on students' blogs" in settings.

Want to improve comments on blogs?