Parents can purchase their child's blog in a nice, easy to keep and view package for $10USD, or download manually for free whatever they want to keep up until the time you click 'Start a new class' 

1. When a teacher clicks “Start a new class” or deletes a student, parent subscribers will be sent an email from Easyblog.

2. Inside this email is a link which parents should click if they wish to keep their child's blog. 

3. Once they have proceeded through payment, the blog is downloaded as a zipped file. For example “”

4. Once the zip folder is downloaded, double click the folder to unzip it

5. Once unzipped, open the new folder that will have appeared and click the .html file inside. For example will.html

6. The blog will now open in a browser (for example Firefox, Chrome or Safari) Click on the titles to view the posts.