• Student blogs can be set to private or fully open for anyone to view with the link. 
  • They are set to private by default. 
  • When private, only students in the child’s class, subscribed parents, your and visitors with the unique visitor password can view and comment on a blog. 
  • The visitor password is sent to parents when they subscribe, making it their responsibility with whom they share it. 

To set the blogs to private:

  1. Go to settings on either the browser, or through the app
  2. Tap on a your teacher profile.
  3. Switch Password Protect Student Blogs to on or off depending if you want the blogs to be open or private. 

To find out the visitor password for each student:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Tap on a student profile.
  3. The visitor password is displayed on the list of settings for that child. To edit the password, just tap it.

Privacy setting on a browser.
Privacy setting on the app.

You can also watch this tutorial for more information.