Subjects can be a useful way to keep posts organized, although not necessarily as useful as you would think.

By using subjects, viewers can go directly to all the posts in a certain subject. For example by tapping on “Math” when viewing a student’s blog, you will see all the posts that have been tagged to 'Math' by that student. If you're not sure about using them, don't feel that you must. 

If you have younger bloggers, it also adds an extra tap to make, and more of a reliance on the ability to read as shown here:

Turning subjects on or off is a unique setting for each blog, including your own. In other words, you can:

  • Turn subjects on or off for everyone, 
  • On for you, off for students.
  • On for some, off for others. 

To add or edit subjects on the app;

1. Go in to teacher settings and select yourself.

2. Tap the pencil icon next to Subjects.
3. Select, deselect or add new subjects as required.

4. Click 'done'