Once parents are subscribed to their child's blog, they will:

  • Receive an email notification each time they child posts to the blog, 
  • Receive an email and each time YOU post to the class blog (making if perfect for newsletters).
  • Be able to comment easily
  • Be able to download their child's blog to keep at the end of the year. 

To use the secure parent subscribe link:

1. Log in to your blog on a browser or the app.

2. Go into settings. 

3. From “Teacher Settings” highlight and copy the Parent subscribe link (command C).

4. Paste the link (command V) into an email and send it to your students’ parents.

Dear Parents,

I am excited to inform you that our class is now blogging with Easyblog. Easyblog is an excellent way for you to see what your child is doing in class.

In order to receive a notification when your child puts something on their blog, please subscribe using this link. 


You will also be able to comment on blog posts by your child and share their learning journey with friends and family.

Please note that what your child puts on their blog will not always be perfect. The point is for them to take pride in sharing whatever they have been doing, not just finished products. 

Best regards

Your child's teacher.

  • Once a parent has subscribed, their email address will appear next to their child.

  • If a parent subscribes to the wrong child, click the “X” to remove them.

If your blogs are password protected, parents can still share their child’s blog using the “visitor password”


If parents are not receiving email notification, please try the following:

  • Check in your settings that they are subscribed. 
  • Check that their child's posts are not still in 'Pending'
  • Ask them to check their junk/spam folders
  • Contact us support@easyblog.org