• If a student leaves your school, their bogs can be downloaded in a zipped folder which is viewable in any browser. 
  • The download link to this folder is sent to the parent subscribers, and stored on a page in School Admin. 
  • If parents are not subscribed, they will need to be sent the download link through an email. 
  • This process can done in bulk by the school admin. (Click here)
  • Any student that is removed by mistake can be added manually to a class through the user menu in the dashboard. 
  • The content of blogs on removed students that have been inactive for a period of time will be deleted as per our privacy policy.
  • This process can also be done manually by the school admin (see below)

1. Log into school admin and locate the leaving students.

2. Click 'Download'

3. Accept the warning. 
4. Wait for the blog to be zipped.

5. The download link will be sent automatically to any parent subscribers.

5. The download link can also be found on the Blog download page of school admin.