How to subscribe for parents.

After subscribing, more information is contained in the email notifications you receive. Please read it carefully. 

1. You will receive an email from your child's teacher containing a "subscribe link"

2. Click the link, and you will be taken to this page. 

3. Select your child

4. Click 'NEXT'

3. Enter your name
(This will be displayed on when you comment on a blog)

4. Enter your relationship to the child 


5. Enter YOUR email address. 

If you are also a teacher in the school, do not use your school email address

6. Choose a password
(8 characters, 1 number, 1 uppercase, 1 lowercase)

7. Click 'SAVE'

  • You will now receive an email notification each time your child posts.
  • You can also bookmark your child's blog and visit by clicking the link and then logging on.