• Student passcodes are used to
    • Log in on a browser
    • Log in on the app if the teacher has not logged in first
    • Log in on the app if the class is set to "Password protect profiles on the iPad"
  • When students are created in bulk, a PDF list will be sent to class teachers, and a master list to school admin
  • Once created and sent, passcode lists CANNOT be regenerated - this is an important, standard security feature. It is why you have to 'reset' passwords for sites and not just have them emailed to you. 
  • We strongly recommend having students sit with the teacher and CHOOSE their own passcode. This is a much more reliable way to ensure students remember them.  


1. Log into settings, click on the student, then Change student passcode
2. Enter the new passcode twice. 
Make sure to note the new code so you can tell the student. A good idea is to have the student choose the passcode themselves.