Staff must be added to your school's account before they can log in.

To log in on a browser, follow the same steps as a teacher. 

To learn about how to post, click here. 

To log in on the app: 

1. Download Schoolwide by Easyblog

2. Enter the prefix of your school's Easyblog URL. 

For example if your school's Easyblog URL is '' then enter 'hendersonprimary'

3, Tap 'Go'

4. Tap the staff button
5. Enter your Schoolwide email and password.

If you don't know what they are, contact your SchoolWide administrator, or contact us at

You can now...
  • View all blogs (student and class)
  • Comment on all blogs (student and class)
  • Post to any blogs (student and class)
  • Post to multiple students blogs from the same class
  • Click here to learn how to post.