• A teacher or staff member can send the same post to multiple students using the 'post to many' function on either the app or through a browser.
  • Posts sent by a teacher to student blogs follow the TEACHER's setting for "Check my posts before publishing" 
  • If a teacher has 'Check my posts before publishing' set to ON for themselves, posts they send to student blogs will appear in 'Pending Posts'
  • To post to all students, choose 'select all'
  • If you choose 'Select all' the post will also go to the class blog. To prevent this, choose each student manually. 
  • Once you have chosen the students, click 'Post'
  • The teacher's name will show in the auto-title. 

PLEASE NOTE: Each blog you post to will show on your "All posts" feed. For example If you posts to 20 students, the post will show 20 times in 'All posts'